specialist function

Question 1

Analyse the evolution of the HR professional into a specialist function and explain how far the role of the professional has developed within a chosen organisation Evaluate the impact of three models of the HR function, explaining how they have affected the development of HR as an important contributor to organisational performance, within the context of the chosen organisation. Discuss the impact of technology on the HR function over the last decade, including the opportunities and threats brought by technology to the role of the HR professional . Discuss the importance of gathering and maintaining records in HR and explain how this is(or might be) achieved in a chosen organisation. IN a context of the chosen organisation, discuss the need for HRM to play both a supportive and a leading role in maintaining ethical values and standards in workplace. use relevant theory and examples to support the answer. Discuss how reflective practice may help the HR professional to review ethical and professional standards within the chosen organisation. Assess how the changing nature of psychological contract is likely to impact on your own personal development needs as an HR professional.

Question 2

Investing in a specific company. 20% of the grade, 1000 words

Choose a company in a part of the world and domain where you feel at ease with daily quotes and which issue dividends (e.g. you can select a component of the S&P 500, Nasdaq, SMI (Swiss Market Index) or any European market)

Describe the company, consider the recent performance (take five years) of the shares have selected. That means that you have to research the price of the chosen share five years ago and today. In addition you must establish what dividends were paid. Then using one of the techniques covered in the course (discounted cash flow or end value with dividends carried forward with a stated interest rate), establish the historical return on investment.

To find data on dividends, you can look at the company web site (which is listed on the page of finance.google.com devoted to your company.

You may use other data sources is you prefer.

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