Social Welfare And Mental Health

Essay QUESTION and Instructions
The provision of universal public social welfare programs continues to “form a major component of the organized pursuit of social justice” (Armitage, 2003, p. 2). Indeed, the principle of universalism is embedded in the very idea of social welfare. But the modern context has changed.

ref: Jackie Stokes in Hick and Stokes, 2021, p.466

Discuss the above statement in relation to the following Unit in the course:
• Social Welfare and Mental Well-Being in Canada (Unit 7)

You should prepare you answer in proper essay style with careful attention to spelling, grammar, sentence structure, proper paragraphing, and clear expression.
Please use in-text citations in your responses. You should include the name of the chapter author when citing material from the Hick and Stokes course textbook.
Please note these examples on the citation style for this essay
• (Bartram in Hick and Stokes, 2021, p. 270) ß example from chapter 7 of course textbook

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