Social Trends

Learning outcomes assessed:
1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of emerging themes as informed by research and the marketplace.
2. Critically analyse evolving trends in business management in order to provide robust strategic solutions to organisations.
3. Proactively source and apply research to inform operational and strategic decisions in different organisational contexts.
4. Critically evaluate a range of alternative courses of action in order to solve problems

Students should review the case study provided and undertake the following:
1. Critically evaluate the case study, outlining the ways in which the identified relevant emerging themes might impact on the current business strategies relating to the identified organisation or sector.
Your critical discussion should include a critical analysis of the ways in which those themes might affect the
appropriateness of existing organisational policies and practices.
Areas of focus can include any combination of the
1. Political environments
2. Technological advancements
3. Demographic changes
4. Social trends and shifts
5. Industry globalisation
6. Legal transformations
7. Global economic issues

2. Critically evaluate how those themes identified could
affect the operational and/or strategic decision-making
necessary to shape organisations within the broad sector
over the next five years. Your answer should use
contemporary examples of how those emerging themes
have started to be addressed within your business sector.

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