Social Location

Question 1

  • Describe your awareness of difference between you and your client(s), colleague(s), supervisor(s) that may impact your understanding of their experiences, as well as your work together. Use my information within () below to answer question.
  • Describe your social location (Use my information within () below to answer question.)and comment on what types of power and privilege this may or may not generate.

Social location is defined as the groups people belong to because of their place or position in history and society. All people have a social location that is defined by their gender (Female), race (Black), social class (Middle class), age (28), ability (Graduate social work student), religion (Christianity), sexual orientation (Heterosexual), and geographic location (TN-Southern). Each group membership confers a certain set of social roles and rules, power, and privilege (or lack of), which heavily influence our identity and how we see the world (Cultural Safety: People’s experience of oppression).

Word count is a minimum of 200 words. Complete sentences and proper grammar. If anything is cited it has to be cited and reference in APA format with in-text citation.

Question 2


  • How do you understand the concept of resistance? What alternative concepts can you think of to explain what is often viewed as resistance?
  • What member behavior would you find most difficult or challenging to deal with as a leader? Why? How do you think this member’s behavior is likely to affect the way you lead the group?
  • How would you intervene if a member remained silent?
  • What would you say are do if a group member reminds you of someone in your life? How would you deal with this potential counter transference?


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