Social Inequality

Systems of inequality with regard to gender, race, class, ability, sexuality, and so on, are founded
on rules, customs, behaviors, and rewards. It is tempting to say that the individual is where all
systems of inequality converge (e.g. disabled, black, poor, straight) because the purpose is to
create individuals who are available to a hierarchy. But while each system describes inequality
and procedures for distributing resources, human beings have the ability to act differently than
expected and to make choices. Thus, no system has complete control over your life.
According to the authors of these readings, how should we talk about or address different
oppressions? How would you describe your own relationship to at least one system of
(in)equality described in this module? Do you feel that one particular system determines the
quality of your daily life more than another? Explain and provide an example to support your
discussion. What does it mean to participate in patriarchy? How does this positively or
negatively impact you? Where might you experience (or participate in) misogyny in your daily
The paper:
In 2-3 pages summarize your experience, observations, and insights related to patriarchy,
misogyny, hierarchy, oppression, and intersectionality. You should directly address some of the
questions included in the instructions. If you cite related readings they should be what I have
assigned you.
Relevant info:
This 2-3 page essay-report is worth 15 points. Grammar and punctuation count toward your
overall score. The assignment is due Wednesday 4/29, 8pm, via Connect.
You should also consult the writing style rubric which will provide more detail about grading
WS200 Introduction to Women’s Studies

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