Social Governance

Question 1

Hardball tactics are utilized in a negotiation to try to pressure another party into a settlement or decision. Often times, the party with more power use these tactics against an otherwise weaker or unprepared negotiator.

Your readings this week discussed some typical hardball tactics and how they are used. For this week’s assignment select 5 of these tactics, define each one, and compare and contrast the pros and cons of using each one. Finally, create an example of how one would use each of these tactics in a hypothetical negotiation.

Apa Format- The HardBall Tactics you can choose from are: Good Cop/Bad Cop, Lowball/Highball, Bogey, Nibble, Chicken, Intimidation, Agressive Behavior, Snow Job

Pick any 5 that you want.

Question 2

•    Map the strategy and create a performance scorecard for your business.
•    Design the integrated report for your business – must include social, governance, and environmental performances, and make explicit the links between these aspects of value and the financial aspects of value in the business plan.
Write a 500 word reflection on Integrated Reporting and how you assess its role in business and society.
Your submission must include:
1    A strategy map and its related performance scorecard for the business, explicitly addressing the six capitals:
1.    natural
2.    human
3.    social and relationship
4.    intellectual
5.    manufactured
6.    financial
Should you feel that your business does not have to address any of these capitals, you need to explain why you believe this and can therefore omit it from your strategy map.
2    A brief design of an integrated report you would recommend for your business, which will include appropriate measures and descriptions of the key performances you will report.  Where you define measures, indicate who they will be determined, and for non-measurable performance, how you sill observe their achievement (or not).

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