Discussion question: imagine that you are studying sexism on a particular social media  platform (you choose which one).  You have decided to collect data from  user accounts, but need to figure out how to go about sampling.  What  type of sampling would you use, probability or non-probability?  Why?   What technique would you use, e.g. snowball, simple random sampling,  etc.?  Detail the process step-by-step.  How large would your sample  be?  Why?.  Answer: Conducting a social media study/research is a complex routine that requires precise planning and consideration to achieve the most accurate and helpful results possible. One of the things that makes sampling of social media users complex is the lack of a reliable sampling frame. It is impossible to tell if all target social media users are equally available or eligible for research selection. I think the best sampling type is probability sampling using the systematic sampling technique.If I am conducting a study on sexism on Facebook, I would use systematic sampling to select my sample group. A study sexism requires two steps. First, I would post questions related to my topic and invite users to reply. I would then analyze the posts to collect data. Considering the potentially large number of posts, I would apply the systematic sampling technique to select the sample group. The intervals observed during selection will depend on the number of posts available for study; the more the posts, the larger the interval. I prefer a sample group of one thousand posts. A sample size of one thousand posts is large enough to create accurate inferences but not too large to source and analyze. My classmates :

1- Heba : If I was conducting a sample on studying sexism on a particular social media platform I would choose probability sampling.  The reason for that is because this sampling technique involves random selection which allows you to make strong statistical inferences about a subject or group. Moreover, the reason why I believe that probability sampling will be the best choice is because I believe that by achieving a sample of the population we can get different point of views. In addition, the reason why I will choose probability sampling is because units from the population are randomly selected and each units selection probability can be calculated and reliable estimated can be produced and made about the results. In addition, I would use simple random sample and the reason for that is because it will allow me to gather information and it will be in an unbiased way. While, conducting my study I will like to find different opinions about sexism on social media. The reason for that is because I believe that different background, ethnicity and religion can effect weather people believe that their are many social media sites that are sexist.  I will choose a platform like Facebook and i will run a random sample about why I believe Facebook is sexist. I would make this sample a process where it has many people involve in order to get a better sample. I believe the larger the study i do the more information I would have for better result. Reply,,,,  2- Ailin Vela: If I was studying sexism, Instagram would be my choice of social media platform.  I would use non-probability sampling because not all user accounts might have the chance to be sampled, therefore, the chances are not equal. The technique I would utilize is voluntary sampling. I would come up with a variety of questions and create a survey. Then make the survey accessible to my followers and explain my research. My sample size would consist of individual’s who self-select into the survey. Once completed all survey responses will be gathered and a conclusion will be made based on the data. Reply… 

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