Sequencing Technologies

When humans ventured out of Africa over 60,000 years ago they left genetic footprints that are still visible today. When living things die, their DNA stays with them and does not disappear immediately, which allows it to degrade over time. When it comes to learning the DNA of our ancestors it can still be found on fossils or even their skeleton remains. By finding their DNA it would have to be broken down into small pieces for modern sequencing technology. When living things die, their DNA doesn’t disappear immediately; it slowly degrades over time. This means that the DNA of long dead people can still be found in fossils and skeletons, but it will be have been broken down into small pieces, perfect for modern sequencing technologies. (2017) The

By measuring our genetics and comparing our DNA sequence to a chimp , our closest great ape relative on an average we find at least 20 spelling differences every 1000 letters, see the images below


Using DNA to Trace Human Migration | HHMI’s BioInteractive. (n.d.).

Map of Human Migration. (n.d.).

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