Self Reflection Journal Entry

1. During the communication sessions of, use PowerPoints that attached with this order to enhance reflective practice (communication). Develop a journal entry as outlined for each session in the CCS (anticipatory reflection, reflection during event, reflection afterwards).

2. Write a 1000-1250 word self-reflection paper that includes an evaluation of your communication, a reflection on the meaning derived from your power points, and an assessment of your learning achieved during the course.

3. Your essay must include your reflection on the following guiding questions:

 How do you relate to others?

 What influenced and possibly continues to influence the way you relate to others?

 What are your communication strengths and limitations?

 How do you manage communication challenges?

 What have you learned about yourself during the course (communication)?

 What areas of communication have you identified require further development after the Professional Practice 1 course? Why are these areas important to you as a dental hygiene student? How do you plan to improve? (I.e. What specific strategies will you use moving forward?)

Please note: Learning Styles are not included in this exploration.

4. Provide specific and relevant examples from your experiences to support your writing. Critical thinking (depth of thought) is demonstrated by considering the links between your pre-existing perceptions, behaviours, and frameworks and your learning during the course.

5. Although your reflection is a thoughtful, insightful exploration of your experiences in communication, the use of some credible resources* help you develop an informed opinion based on facts and not biases. The use of credible resources also provides evidence of critical thinking and understanding of the subject matter. Ensure that references used are relevant and enhance the content of your paper.

6. Apply the department writing guidelines to your paper, including the use of Vancouver Style citations for your references.

7. Read the Rubric for this assessment; it guides you in determining the focus of your paper and how it will be graded.

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