Scrutinise Key Systems and Data Used to Inform People Practice in Relation to Measures of Work and People Performance Calculations.

You need to ‘scrutinise’ (examine in depth) the key systems and data used to inform people practice in relation to measures of work and people performance calculations. You should:
• Identify and explain in depth two systems – for example HRIS, LMS, MIS
• Explain with examples the use of ‘quantitative’ and ‘qualitative’ data.

For both systems and data, explain how they are/might be used in the context of the case study .

Qualitative data, quantitative data, use of charts, graphs and tables; reports, briefing papers, presentations relating to people performance calculations. Organisation data: datasets related to specific HR/L&D/OD activities (for example: reward data, recruitment data, compliance data, 18 CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management financial data, L&D related data, OD related data). HR systems, LMS systems.

In the workshop, we covered:
• HR Information Systems (HRIS)
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Management Information Systems (MIS)

In your assessment, you should explain the principles behind these, focusing on the advantages of each and how they are used to inform decision-making.

In the workshop, we covered two broad categories of data: quantitative and qualitative. In your assessment, you should explain the meaning of both. Then provide some (say 3) specific examples of each. How are the examples used to inform decision-making?

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