Scientific Evidence


This is book you can find a single newspaper, you should sent a capy of newapaper or artical that you used. And you should use evidence from the book

Myers, D. G. & De Wall, C. N. (2019). Exploring psychology (11th ed.). New York, NY: Worth .General Psychology – Critical Thinking Assignment (Parts 1 & 2)…

Part 1:

For this assignment, you will need to find a single newspaper or magazine article (i.e., Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Kansas City Star) written for the general public which makes a claim about some psychological topic; do NOT use a peer reviewed or scholarly journal. Do NOT use an advertisement, blog, or an .org extension. The article must have a title and an author.

Read the article, then read it again! If you cannot tell someone what the article is about after reading it multiple times, find a different article. Remember almost everything has a psychological component (e. g., dreams, study techniques, happiness, health, sports, relationships, and family). Critically evaluate the article by doing the following:

Published Information: (approximately1 – 2 paragraphs each for A & B )

A) Identify and summarize the claim that is being made (who, what, how, where, why, and when). Describe the evidence presented to support the claim. For example, how did the author come to this conclusion? Is it based on scientific evidence? Is it an observation? Is it someone’s opinion? You may include no more than one direct quotation and absolutely NO block quotes. Use this opportunity to paraphrase; tell me about the article just as you would tell a friend.

B) Find something in your book that ties in with the topic or claim of the article; either supporting or refuting the article assertion. Identify and summarize the information from the book (who, what, how, where, why, and when). You may include no more than one direct quotation and NO block quotes.

Your Opinion:(a paragraph for each of the following)

C) Do you agree with the author(s) or not? Based on the available evidence from the book and article, what is your conclusion regarding the idea[s] being presented and why? (refer to the available evidence to support your conclusion).

D) What alternative explanations are possible for the evidence that is presented to support the claim you are exploring? Does it appear that there were things that were overlooked or not considered? (e.g., did the research consider all ages, gender, socioeconomic status, education, culture, geography)

E) What further evidence or information would help to better evaluate the ideas? What further research would provide this evidence?

F) Compare the advantages of valuing scientific evidence compared to other types of arguments. Are there disadvantages to scientific evidence?

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