School System

Question 1

The clinical aspect of human services involves a variety of strategies and practices, all of which involve ethical principles and considerations. These do not come out of thin air, however; they are based on research findings and grounded in theory. To be successful in this field, it is important to understand this research and these theories, and how they connect with specific practices.

Main Response

For this discussion, you will be evaluating a therapeutic approach based on the research that supports it. Develop a main response in which you address the following:

  • Identify the main arguments for and against psychdiagnosis. Evaluate these arguments, and provide your point of view on this practice.
  • Describe some of the research findings regarding the psychotherapy process.
  • Explain how these findings could inform your work as a human services professional.

Question 2

You are the director of child prevention services for the school system. While you and your staff do not directly work for the state, a major portion of your funding comes from the school budget. The school administrators audited your program’s success to determine the feasibility of continued funding. Their findings revealed that the agency is providing excellent service to child clients but is doing a sub-par job in connecting families with needed ancillary services. You conduct an internal investigation into your case manager procedures and discover that they are making appropriate referrals. The difficulty is that each agency has different intake policies, procedures, and requirements, meaning that clients must spend at least an entire morning or afternoon just applying for each service. Further, many families do not have time to travel between a few agencies to get the services. (Many do not have reliable transportation.)

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