2-3 paragraphs about the general disorder(Schizophrenia)

Signs and Symptoms

2 Paragraphs about general signs and symptoms of the disorder

suicide/ homicide/ substance abuse

2-3 sentences about statistics of suicide/homicide/ substance abuse of the disorder


2-3 paragraphs of general treatment of the disorder

The assessment part will be on the individual of the video I have attached in each week.

You will do Axis which is from the DSM-IV but a good teaching tool.  You fill in each axis, if nothing applies you write N/A.

Axis I- Major Mental Illness

Axis II- Personality Disorder

AXIS III- Any medical conditions

Axis IV- Environmental and Social Factors

Axis V- Global Assessment of Functioning ( How well the individual functions in society)

Score 0-100

F Code is the code used in billing

You will then complete a SOAP note on the individual

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