Scavenger Hunt


  • The assignment must be in Word to be graded. No other format is accepted.
  • Submit the work to assignments per directions. 
  • Written as an APA-styled essay. See the attachment below.
  • References as required. See the attachment below.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions. 
  • Include the plagiarism statement. You are required to cut and paste the plagiarism statement on all assignments.

I hereby state that the work submitted is my own. All authors and or works borrowed in the process of producing evidence will be cited and referenced accordingly. I will not share any of my work with other individuals, groups or websites.

  • You will create a citation and make a reference list with the scholarly articles.
  • Find 3 articles in the Vise Library. 
  • Make sure the articles are available for download as you will attach them to the assignment.
  • From each article, choose one-two (1-2) sentences or short paragraphs to paraphrase and cite.
  • Reference the citations on a correctly formatted reference page.

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