Role of a mentor in teaching in the clinical environment

Why am I doing this assessment?

This assignment will help you to understand and demonstrate the following unit learning outcomes (ULO):

  • ULO # 1 Critique best practice principles for teaching in the clinical environment
  • ULO # 2 Explain the roles of mentor, preceptor and clinical supervisor and their importance to the teaching and learning strategies for successful clinical education
  • ULO # 3 Evaluate common research principles used by health service organisations

Assessment Task Instructions

The assessment instructions have been designed to enable you to understand what is required to succeed in this assignment. 

The aim of this assessment task is to describe the role of a mentor in teaching in the clinical environment. Use one example from your own clinical experience during your nursing or midwifery education where you were experiencing a good practical approach used by a clinical facilitator who was applying best practice principles. This may include a clinical task demonstrated or shown to you by a mentor or preceptor who was using the evidence-based practice approach to locate the relevant information to teach you a specific clinical task.  See resources in Canvas for more information about writing essays.

Format and Structure

This assessment should be created following the conventions of an academic essay, consisting of the standard structure of an introduction, body of text and a conclusion. You are allowed to use references in the introduction. Please do not use headings, lists or dot points throughout the essay, but you should follow the APA 7th referencing style for this writing task.

What you should include

  • Introduction
  • Body of text
  • Conclusion
  • End-text reference list

Connecting your learning

Assessment tasks in this course are designed to give you opportunities to integrate what you learn into or from other units. 

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