Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Writing Guidelines

Papers should be about 2 pages, double spaced。

Opening Statement- What is the title, date, and location of the performance. Give an overall tone to the direction of your paper, an opening to what the reader should expect. Be sure to refer to your program for correct spelling of titles, etc.

Description- Start by describing one piece at a time. List the title and what category you would define this dance as. (i.e. Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap, African, etc.)


For each dance:

Describe what it was like. How many dancers? What about the other visual elements, (i.e. lighting, costumes, props, set) and what is their significance?

What was the music like? Are there other aural elements (text, sound effects) in the piece and what is their significance? Is the movement set specifically to the music?

What is the movement like? Is the overall movement sharp, sustained, line and shape-oriented or does it use momentum, etc.? Do they contribute to a theme or is the dance solely movement for movement’s sake? If there is a theme, is it specific, literal, or abstract?

Does the dance remind you of anything from class? Do you recognize movements that you’ve learned or remind you of a choreographer we’ve studied?

What is your interpretation of the piece? Was there a story being told or was it too abstract for you to understand? Was it simply for entertainment, in your opinion? Be sure to back up your opinion with supporting statements. If you say, “I hated it!” or “It was great!” you must support those statements with explanation (why did you love or hate it?).

Conclusion- Finish with additional, final thoughts on the entire experience. Summarize the performance, your opinions, and experience.

Due dates will vary. Event submissions should be submitted bi-weekly. See course timeline or CANVAS calendar for due dates.

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