Research paper/philosophy

In a reputable website, newspaper, or news magazine, find an article that describes a real life business case that contains an important contemporary business issue. Your case must contain a moral dilemma. That is, your case should not be so simple that there is only one clear morally good option, but in which there may be two or more different options that may be considered morally good by different people.

Directions for the Research Paper
1. Identify the moral issues in the case.
Describe each issue and indicate what makes it “moral,” as opposed to just a legal
violation, or a religious ‘sin,’ a breach of etiquette, or an economic decision, etcetera.
2. Decide on the priority of the moral issues.
Explain why one issue has over-riding importance over the other moral issues. Rank the
moral issues in order of moral importance, justifying the rank of each in relation to the others.
3. Take a position on the moral rightness or wrongness regarding the course of action. What was the moral decision that the key agents in the case made, the intent, and what
were the consequences? On the basis of each, did the agent choose the morally right alternative?
4. What is the moral standard criterion for coming to your position?
In determining the moral rightness or wrongness of the choice and/or action, what
ethical system did you use? Apply it to the case, and explain how the rules or principle guided your decision and evaluation. Select from one of the ethical theories discussed in the course.
5. Describe counter arguments.
Other ethicists have concluded that a different choice would have been the moral choice
or act. Explain their position and explain the reasoning they have behind their point of view.
6. Reply to the objections or counter arguments to your position.
Explain why your point of view (based on your analysis) is ethically superior to the other
point of view that you described in section 5.
7. Summarize the results of your analysis, and formulate a concluding paragraph. Provide a summary of your position.

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