Religious Site Visit

do not write about Christian site visit!!
Pre-Visit Research
• Choose the location you want to visit
• Check out the location’s website for directions and times of worship / prayer / event
• Look for Statement of Faith on the website
• Look for the denomination or expression within their religion
• Learn about the tradition’s dos and don’ts
• Develop your questions

The Visit
• Observe everything from beginning to end:
• What was is like to enter the location?
• Were you welcomed?
• Was is easy to understand what was going on, or did you feel lost?
• Were some of your initial questions answered?
• Did the experience raise new questions?
• Try to speak with someone from the organization to see if they are willing to help you with your questions.

Writing the Report
• Describe your Pre-Visit Research
• Describe your experience during the visit
• Discuss your own thoughts and feelings
ª About 4 pages
• Double spaced • Font: Times, 12
• Don’t forget to credit any citations you are using including websites, and information you quote from websites.

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