Religion and Culture


Element 2: Keyword Recap Our Keyword Interviews and discussions are a way to get information and gain knowledge about a topic in the academic study of religion from a scholar whose research utilizes that keyword. After we see the keyword in action, your job is to breakdown the interview/discussion by summarizing the event in order to help make sense of what the scholar said and how it impacts our understanding of the keyword. While it is fine to discuss these questions with your fellow reviewers, please make sure that all of these answers are in your own words. I want to see your perspective on this topic. In order get the greatest good from recap, it will be posted to Blackboard (anonymously) in order to help others process information and study for future quizzes. Your recap will help us to consider and contextualize the keyword by weaving together various sources, opinions, and analysis. Recaps should be between 2-4 pages doubled spaced, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins. Submit your recaps to Blackboard by the Monday following the keyword interview by 11:59pm. Your recap should address the following questions: 1) What religious tradition(s) is the scholar’s research focused on? And how does she/he approach religion (e.g., anthropologically, comparatively, philologically, sociologically, experientially, etc.)? 2) How does the scholar understand the keyword? How do they utilize it in their research? Be specific here: what examples did they use to talk about it, or critique it, or how was their work organized around it? Are there any key quotes from the discussion to incorporate in your recap? 3) How does what the scholar said compare with what else we’ve read about the keyword (e.g., in Nye or other assigned readings)? Be specific here: are all the readings and our guest scholar arguing the same thing––does everyone agree? Are they making different arguments? How are these arguments supported? 4) How do the interview questions asked by your fellow classmates clarify or complicate the keyword? 5) What do you think the main takeaways are from the interview/discussion? What perspective(s) did our discussion with the scholar allow us to gain on the keyword? 6) What other questions do you still have about the keyword ?Structure of your recap: a) Title: “[Keyword] According to Professor [Name]” b) Introduction (questions 1 above) c) Body (questions 2, 3, 4 above) d) Conclusion (questions 5 and 6)

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