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You are currently the Director of the HIM department at Chicago Hospital and have recently been assigned to a team that is tasked with creating an Information Governance committee. You have been chosen to provide a presentation on the GARP Principles in order to educate team members on the framework for general best practices for information governance.  You will need to create a MS PowerPoint presentation briefly summarizing two of the GARP principles and a few of the characteristics for each principle that must be met to reach Level 5 – Transformation Maturity.


  1. Create PowerPoint presentation with 6 slides
  2. Create a title Slide
  3. Introduce the concept of Information Governance and how the relationship of the GARP Principles
  4. Select two of the GARP principles and create a single slide for each principle containing the following information:
    1. Briefly summarize the each principle and the associated business value
    2. Identify the owner of the principle (Business, IT, Risk (Legal/RIM)
    3. State at least two characteristics that must be in place to meet Level 5 – Transformation Maturity
  5. Create a slide concluding how using the GARP Principles will support an effective Information Governance Committee
  6. Be creative with your design
    1. Use a template for your slides
    2. Include at least one image (no more than 3)
    3. Include at least one table
    4. Utilize at least one animation effect

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