Define and adequately discuss all key concepts from the chapter in your own words – including the weapon of influence, the optimal conditions, and its defenses.
Adequately summarize the relevant example you have selected, and be sure to include a copy of or working link to your example.
Adequately relate the selected persuasive message to all relevant material in the chapter. In other words, explain how your example illustrates concepts from the chapter, or explain how concepts from the chapter shed light on your example.

If an example is discussed in any of the learning materials, it cannot be used by you.
Your paper should be a maximum of two pages. Your paper should employ double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font, and have one-inch margins on all four sides of every page.
A title page is NOT required for this paper. Also, you do NOT need a reference page if you are just citing a reading from the class. But if you cite anything else (which is optional and not required) you must include a reference page using APA style.

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