Rate of Immigration in the United States


The project is a term paper oriented in week VI and shows the integrative results of an individual research by collecting, organizing, displaying and understanding data. The project provides a final report in writing (a technical essay, either in APA or in ML) about the characteristics of data in both, the descriptive and the inferential procedures and conclusions about the data collected in terms of the targeted population, using quantitative and qualitative facts via the exploratory data analysis method.

My topic: Evolution of the annual incoming immigrant population in the U.S. in the last 100 years. (The data is attached)

If the project is developed in reference to the comparison of two populations with respect to a specific variable, collect the corresponding evolution of the structure of the population in each group (gender and ethnicity) and the average family income, for example, to declare the circumstances where the comparison takes place.

Complete written report to discuss, using EDA for the five characteristics of data described in Chapters 2 and 3: full descriptors panel in MINITAB, Stem and leaf plots, Box plots, Normality test as in 6.5, Chi – Sq test of Goodness of fit and Chi- Sq test of Independence using MINITAB as in 11.1, 11.2) Correlation -Regression between two variables as 2.4 in MINITAB. Use Control charts for incorporate the analysis of outliers together the fences and Z-scores tools

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