Raisin in the Sun

Our last formal essay assignment is a documented 7
-10 page literary
research paper on the above topic. I purposely left the topic in general terms
to allow you to personally narrow the scope of your paper. It will be up to you to formulate a clear thesis statement for your essay, and you will need to incorporate sources to substantiate your point of view.
For those “give me the assignm
ent” students, you will find a list of
three possible topics below. For the “free spirit” students, you may have a unique take on the topic, one that is sure to impress Mr. Senior! In other words, you are not limited to the following perspectives.
Based only on the text of the play, what is Hansberry saying about race relations in America? What issues does the author raise? What does the play do to help bring to light the problem of racism?

Your job here is to research important background on
Hansberry and the play itself. Are facts about the writer’s life relevant to racism in the play? Are characters and incidents in the play versions of the
writer’s own experiences? Are they treated factually or imaginatively? How do you think the writer’s view on racism is portrayed in the play?

This perspective focuses on the time period of the play: the 1950’s. How does the play reflect racial tension in America at that time? How important is the historical context to interpreting the play? What
historical influences helped to shape the form and content of the play?

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