Quantitative Results

This Portfolio Project has two parts: Calculations and a 4- to 6-page essay. While the calculation requirements of this assignment are important, equally important are your discussion and analysis of the quantitative results. You will submit two documents: 1) a spreadsheet containing your horizontal and vertical analysis (and perhaps your ratios) in Module 7 and 2) a word document containing your essay in Module 8. You will submit both parts separately. See the Portfolio Project Part One and Part Two grading rubrics, located in the Module 7 and Module 8 folders.
In Module 7, you submitted your spreadsheet. For this module, you will take what you submitted in your spreadsheet, and use that information to write your paper.
Your paper must:
• Be 4-6 pages in length, not including the required cover and references pages.
• Include a proper introduction and conclusion.
• Include 4 scholarly references. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these.
• Provide your reader with an overall understanding of the financial health of your chosen firm including the following:
• Discussion of the ratio analysis results, including rationale for the ratios chosen.
• Discussion of all horizontal and vertical analysis from above.
• Discussion of four items from the management discussion of the firm that support the conclusion formed in your discussion of the financial results.

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