Quality and Safety management systems for ATM

Assignment Description

Assessment 1 This will analyse the application of Quality and Safety in an air traffic management context, including the integration of quality and safety assurance and continuous improvement processes. It carries a ‘weighting’ value of 70%.

Part 1 of your submission should focus on the aspects of concepts, principles and processes of quality management systems and safety management systems for application within air traffic management and control from 2000 to present day.  For each of these aspects, your investigation and research should clearly show their cause and effect as well as their management.

Part 2 of your submission should focus on the aspects of the tools and techniques used to support the continual quality improvement and sustainability within the Air Traffic Organisation from 2005 to the present day. Again, your investigation and research should clearly show their cause and effect as well as their management.

Your successful investigation will be based on comprehensive research using relevant text books, reports and journal articles, including making use of credible internet information sources, to gather information.  You are advised to use the Journal feature within Blackboard to generate a reflective record of your research and subsequent analysis/evaluation.

All sources of information used in your report must be referenced in your report using the Harvard system. To gain a good mark for this CW your appropriately formatted, well-written report will need to be strong on the analysis of the information gathered and include significant evaluation of your analysis findings. 

Writing-up your CW Report

  • Introduction: (Approx. 350 words)

Provide a brief background to the topic of the investigation to include the relevance, context and scope of the investigation. 

The aim of the investigation/report may be included in this section or be stated in a sub-section of the introduction or in a following new section

  • Core text: (Approx. 2100 words)

Divide into sections and sub-sections as appropriate to report on:

  • Your approach to gathering information to include aspects of concepts, principles and processes along with the tools and techniques used.
    • Analysis and discussion of information gathered to include details of the use of the above aspects up to the present time.
    • Evaluation of the analysis findings which may include any statistics that your research has discovered.
  • Conclusions: (Approx. 300 words)

Conclude your CW report by bringing together an overview of the ‘State of Air Traffic Management’ in the 21st century. This evaluative aspect of your report should be recognised as drawing together statements that are clearly logical extensions from your core text.

  • Recommendations (words not counted)

The inclusion of clear and succinct recommendations will only be relevant if your conclusions identify further work (research/analysis/evaluation) or identify critical weaknesses in current systems/ways of working.

  • List of References using Harvard system (words not counted)
  • Appendices

Although the words within appendices are not included in the CW word-count, the must be clearly relevant to the investigation and referred to with the report to strongly support the core text.

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