Public Liability

Question 1

The relationship that is developed between a counselor and client in a clinical setting is both unique and complex. A delicate balance must be achieved between the roles of each, and maintaining this balance takes time, effort, and skill.


For this discussion, we will look at some elements of the helping relationship. Develop a main response in which you:

  • Compare and contrast the concepts of confidentiality, privileged communication, and privacy, and explain how they can be interrelated.
  • Discuss some steps that therapists can take to protect the public and minimize their own liability when dealing with dangerous clients.
  • Reflect on the view that multiple relationships in a counseling setting are inevitable, and not always negative. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • Explain some potential problems with situations in which personal and professional relationships blend together. Is it always a guarantee that social relationships will interfere with therapeutic relationships?

Question 2

1) review the code of ethics for counselors, psychologists, social workers, and human services professionals. How are these codes similar and different? How closely does the Human Services Code of Ethics fit with your personal values? Which parts of the Human Services Code of Ethics will you have the least and most difficulty following?

2)Name one theory that human services professionals use in working with clients. Briefly describe the theory. Give an example of how a human services professional might apply the theory in his or her work with a client.


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