Prostitution and Human Trafficking

This paper provides you the opportunity to display your knowledge of the course material and your ability to apply that knowledge to a practical example from our social world. The completed paper is worth 200 points (out of the class total of 1000 points).

Paper format: The paper must be typed using Times New Roman font, size – 12 pt. Margins must be at 1-inch. It can be single or double- spaced.

Page length: 5+ full pages plus a separate reference page

Citations: You must provide at least five (5) properly cited sources from the textbooks and/or outside sources along with any citations you wish from class material. The textbooks can only count as two of your sources.

Material from outside sources will need both in-text citation (author, year:page. ex: Wahl, 2010:11) and a reference page using ASA, MLA, Chicago, or APA format. As an example, ASA format is: author (last name, first name). Year of publication. Title in italics. City and State of publication: publisher name. EX: Wahl, David. 2016. How To Drink a Mocha With 14 Shots of Espresso in it. New York, NY: Routledge Publishers.

Lecture citations do not need to be on the reference page and can be cited in text as (Wahl, lecture week 3). Lectures do not count toward your five sources.

Examples: Use lots of examples in your work. It demonstrates your ability to make connections.

The task: You are choosing a topic of human trafficking and/or sex work you are interested in and researching the topic. You will address this topic with a sociological perspective. The paper cannot be a reiteration of what we discussed in class. For example, you may want to focus in on Bride Trafficking. You would research the topic and present your research in this paper. Keep your focus narrow; a good paper cannot be written with a very broad topic (i.e. don’t write a paper on the topic of “Human Trafficking”).

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