Project Scope Risks

Question 1

1. Project Risk Management

You have been tasked to manage a facilities construction project for a non-profit organization. Specifically, the organization is undertaking a large project to build a 6000 square foot office and an attached building with 20 hotel style rooms for clients. The budget is tight and the organization needs to have these facilities as soon as possible. The project is in the planning stage and you have some requirements documents and funding available. How would you use risk management on this project? Why would you use risk management? What are the steps of your risk management process (use any model you like ie PMP, textbook, DoD etc)? What risk identification tools would you use on the project?

2. Operational Risk Management and Disasters

Briefly discuss some of the key causes of disasters and/or Operational Risk Management failures.

3. Briefly describe the main sources of project scope risks?

Question 2

At this point you should be mostly finished with your overview and background information on your chosen topic. Next, you will conduct a risk assessment for that topic. Include discussion on what you see as the stereotypical risks that your topic introduces and what safeguards would you implement in response to these risks. Address the following:

  • Include at least 5–7 different risks.
  • Include 2–3 different safeguards for each identified risk.
  • Add the discussion about the implementation plan and communication plan to the Asset Security Management section.
  • Name the document “CSS450__IP4.doc.”

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