Programme Assessment Scheme

As part of the formal assessment for the Strategic Management module for this programme you are required to submit both a group recording / presentation and an individual case study report. Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of the programme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submitting assignments.
Learning Outcomes:
After completing the module you should be able to:
1. Apply a number of theoretical models and their potential for developing strategy and supporting strategic decisions.
2. Analyse theoretical developments in strategy.
3. Evaluate the process of strategy making in multinational organisations.
4. Assess the impact of strategy making in an increasingly volatile and turbulent environment.
5. Perform effectively within the professional environment. Work within a team, demonstrating interpersonal skills such as effective listening, negotiating, persuading and presentation. Be flexible and adaptable to changes within the professional environment. Appreciate the significance of and the difficulties in formulating and implementing strategy.
Maximum word count: 3,000 words
Assignment Task: Report
This assignment is worth 70% of the total marks for the module.
Your individual case study report is based on the same client organisation, based in the food retail sector, which you used to answer your group task, above.
Your report should address the following two questions.
Question 1
Assess whether a formal strategic planning process is appropriate for the organisation given its operating environment and why /why not.     (50 marks)     (1,500 words)
Question 2
Recommend how the organisation should determine departmental / functional objectives to achieve the proposed strategy. If they were part of a multinational organisation, how might the process of strategic planning differ?     (50 marks)    (1,500 words)

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