Professional Portfolio Development  

Students at the graduate level should begin to develop and keep an electronic portfolio containing professional goals and information as well as course and clinical materials throughout their graduate program of study. This process begins in this class. Information from such a portfolio is valuable in seeking certification, licensure, and employment after graduation.    

The portfolio should include:

• Resume or CV (focus on a position you would like to have) 
• Professional philosophy
• Evaluations
• Recommendations 
• Licenses, Certifications (copies)
• Education Data: Transcripts, course descriptions, research projects, papers, and      presentations 
• Work samples: teaching materials, brochures, publications
• Presentations
• Professional associations
• Awards
• Interdisciplinary and community activities
• Accomplishments
• Volunteer activities  

The portfolio will be submitted as ONE pdf file and graded on the following:  
• Logically organized- 30%
• Correct grammar and no spelling errors and APA where appropriate- 50%
• Professional appearance-20%

Please refer to the Grading Rubric for written assignments. Where appropriate, such as the professional philosophy, please use APA 7th ed. for format. All items should be professionally written and organized with correct grammar and spelling. 

The project involves developing an electronic “Professional Portfolio” containing information related to your academic work and practice experiences.  The process involves reflecting on your skills and organizing materials that substantiate your expertise and competence.   This is a very practical project that will be useful to you as you move forward and launch the next phase of your career.  There are examples of various portfolios available on the internet if you need some organizational ideas.  Note that there are several types of portfolios out there so be sure to check the course guidelines carefully to make sure that you include all of the required information for this course.  

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