Product Differentiation

1.)Class – Write a post about a recent news article that relates to one of the many topics we have covered in class. Please find an article, tell us a bit about it, and how it links to any of the topics you have learned about.

2.) What is corporate social responsibility? How can philanthropy add value to a company’s shareholders? Stakeholders?

3.) What is consumption chain? Give an example.

4.) What is product differention? Give an example.

5.) How does a company achieve successful differentiation? Why is it important?

6.) What is Corporate philanthropy? Why is it important?

Answer each question with a maximum of 100 words.


Question 2

  • Merger and Acquisition Strategies
  • Why are merger and acquisition strategies popular in many firms competing in the global economy?
  • What reasons account for firms decisions to use acquisition strategies as a means to achieving strategic competitiveness?
  • What are the seven primary problems that affect a firm’s efforts to successfully use an acquisition strategy?
  • What are the attributes associated with a successful acquisition strategy?
  • What is the restructuring strategy and what are its common forms?
  • What are the short- and long-term outcomes associated with the different restructuring strategies?

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