Process Line

Question 1

The implementation of a Project Management Methodology in innovative Engineering Manufacturing Company.

The process is the following:
1- receive a request for proposal;
2- Visit the client factory (manufacturing companies);
3 -Study the process as well as the equipment that creates the process bottlenecks;
3- Make a research and Design the types of equipment that can be installed a the client production line;
4- Visit the client and show the proposed solution as well as the new SLA that will be achieved, by the production line, if the solution will be implemented;
5- If the proposal is accepted, the engineering company start to create a detailed design of the new equipment, as well as the procurement of the best robotic equipment that assure the needs (make the procurement in the world market of the robot) design and build the new pieces/tools to be assembled to the robot, execute the welding and paint of all the new equipment;
6 – transport and execute the installation of the new equipment at the client factory;
7 – verify and assure the accomplishment of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) of the process line.

Question 2

Explain how Video Art has an impact on your daily life. (Example:Graphic designers have created universal symbols for signs to be understood by people of many different languages.) You will be explaining the function of this type of visual art in your life.

for Topic #3/Living With Be personal…state this (art form- painting, photography, fashion, tattoos, etc.) has impact on my life because…. This should not be a summary essay but a descriptive essay.

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