Prize Donation Letter

Topic: Request a prize donation from the non-profit you have chosen for your semester project. You are writing on behalf of the organization to request a prize to use at a real event your organization sponsors.
Source of Information: Refer back to your non-profit grid. Look at the box where you shared some interesting facts and trivia about some important activities your non-profit has undertaken. Pick one activity/event. If you didn’t include one, go back to the organization’s web site to find an event.
Your Letter: You are going to represent yourself as someone from your non-profit. You can use your own name and create a logical title for yourself. Ideally, you would be someone in marketing, public relations, communications, or development. You are going to write a letter soliciting a prize for an event your non-profit is holding.
• Think about who a non-profit public relations person or development coordinator could contact to solicit a prize.
• Think about the kind of prizes you would want. Be very specific with your request.
• Think about the purpose of the organization’s event.
Include information about the company you are sending this to convince the representative how important their company is to the success of your event.
Tone: Persuasive, respectful. Don’t be “gushy” or full of too much praise. Don’t over-dramatize.
Format: Formal business letter style with your non-profit’s letterhead, the correct inside address for the recipient with title, and your correct name and title for the recipient. Use formal block style letter without indents. Letterhead: from the non-profit with accurate address, phone, your own e-mail (you can use CCRI’s).
Letter Recipient: Pick a logical contact at the company where you would send the letter. For example, don’t send a prize solicitation letter for a Patriots’ signed jersey to Tom Brady. He would never see it. You would find out the name of a P.R. person with the Patriots by looking online. Don’t send a letter to a president of a company. You want someone in development, marketing, or public relations. Find this on your non-profit’s web site.
Content: The body of the letter should contain the following paragraphs in whatever order within each paragraph that you deem logical:
First paragraph: Include your request from that business. Be specific. Include the name and date of the event you are promoting and the company name.
Second paragraph: Provide details about your non-profit’s event. Provide details about why you think their organization is the best one to provide the prize and how important that prize will be to your event.
Third paragraph: Provide details about your organization itself and select information about how it has helped the community.
Fourth paragraph: End with a nice thank you. Include a deadline for receipt of the prize and whether you would pick it up or the address where it should be sent.
Ending: End your letter in the usual way, leaving room for your signature and title.
Second Page: If your letter extends to the second page, then follow the second-page heading format as noted in Appendix A.
This letter will be graded using the formal letter rubric.

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