Politicians Influence

Question 1

Celebrities, particularly women, are often asked if they consider themselves feminists. Some agree that they are, some agree they are not, and others try to redefine the term. Using an internet search, research and find recent examples of public figures (celebrities, politicians, etc.) who have identified as feminist and address the following questions.

Do you think celebrities or politicians influence how individuals perceive the cause of feminism? Why or why not?

Based on the information you have read in this text, do you think feminist is still necessary? Why or why not?

Also, research one famous feminist and present some details about their work.


Question 2

From the Wife of Bath, A sociological issue is clearly portrayed. How do you think Feminism is shown in this book. 2 paragraphs minimum in MLA or any other Referencing style.

Question 3

What does socialist feminism mean to you?

Define the term in your own words and describe the manner in which this term relates to you.

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