Policing. Assignment 2

  1. If you were the police chief, spell out your police for hot pursuit of a suspect. You can be as creative as you want to be but it must be able to be understood by officers in an emergency and be able to cover as much as they need to know.  Consider the following factors: These are just suggestions. You can put other factors in there if you feel it is relevant.
  • What type of crime did the suspect commit?
  • Is it in response to a bulletin or be on the Lookout?
  • How fast can the officers go? Is there a maximum speed?
  • Address whether there should be differences in a city, suburb or rural area such as a County Sheriff would have to address.
  • Day or Night?
  • Time of day?
  • Weather?
  • Experience of officer?
  • Explain whether you think curfews are effective or not and would you want them if you were the Mayor of your city and explain why or why not.  
  • As a strategy to combat illegal drugs, police can focus on either being proactive and addressing the demand for drugs such as working with the community to prevent people from getting involved with drugs OR they can put time, money and resources into stopping the supply of drugs after it gets into the community such as by making arrests, using task forces, undercover work, etc. as a more reactive strategy. As a Chief, would you put more resources into attacking the demand or supply side?  Is it better to be proactive or reactive? Which do you think deserve more attention, officers and money?   If you think both are necessary, explain how much of your officer’s time and what percentage of your police department’s budget should go to each. Type out a paragraph explaining your answer.

  • In order to strengthen police-community relations, if you were the Chief and could only choose one, which of these would you want in your department.  Explain your answer as to why you would choose one of the three and how it would help strengthen community relations.

  1. Ride along programs with a patrol officer.
  2. Citizen attitude surveys.
  3. Citizen Police academies.
  • Name one idea that might help prevent school shootings. Describe the idea and why you think it should be considered and why it might help.

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