Policing Strategies

Question 1

  1. Why are members of different social groups more likely to commit or be victims of crime?
  2. How do policing strategies impact racial disparities in arrest rates?
  3. How and why is the court system biased?
  4. According to the authors, is the contemporary prison system good for society? Do you agree or disagree?

Use your own words–integrate quotations to support your answers, but make sure to cite the page number. I expect 1-2 paragraphs per question. Do not single-space (1.5 spacing is acceptable).

Question 2

In 300 to 500 words, answer one of following prompts:

Look at Isaiah 56:4–5. What does this passage mean? Could this passage be applied to modern society? If so, how?

Question 3

Comment on the theories attempting to explain economic inequality that you read in the Farley text. Pick one of the three theoretical explanations for racial inequality in the economic sphere. Explain it thoroughly. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this explanation (not your opinion; this is found in the text).

Question 4

Describe what are some of the biggest problems you think minority entrepreneurs face in the US. How would you go about solving these problems?

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