Performing Artists

Only 750-1,000 words. Short descriptive essay.

There are many topics to discuss.

  • Research Topic:
  • Research Question: How has performing arts affected the disabled community in America?
  • Introduction: Give a brief background on what it is to be disabled in America. Explain how various performing arts companies are helping America to realize that the disabled do not need to adapt to America, but that America needs to adapt to the disabled.
  • Historic Data: Research disabled performing artists and companies that have made history or broke records in America. Explain the roots of dancing for the disabled and how it is evolved.
  • Today’s data: Look at today’s modern dancers for the disabled, what is the message that they are portraying.
  • Change over time: Now look at the history of dancing for the disabled and what it has become today and compare the two. How has it changed? What is the focus? Is the message still the same?
  • Minorities: Disabled people are a minority group in America. Research how disabled people lack representation in general and the basic struggles that they face as a minority group in America. Compare them to other minorities groups to show the similarities.
  • Conclusion: Take in everything and give an overall brief of what you think dancing for the disabled has become today and where I think it’s going in the future.
  • Be sure the explain the importance of the disabled and other minority groups. Express that disabled people still play a significant role in American culture and in society.

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