Peers Discussion

Question 1

You have been asked by the state legislators to submit an analysis of the pros and cons of this type of punishment. You need to evaluate whether indeterminate sentencing is appropriate for all types of offenses and juvenile offenders.

You’ve also been asked to consider whether the diversion of cases outside the juvenile justice system leads to lower rates of subsequent delinquent behavior than traditional processing.

Based on your readings, research, and discussions with peers, you should now create an analysis report for state legislators that covers the following:

  • Begin by reviewing the current state of juvenile criminal recidivism. Assess whether, in general, existing prevention, punishment, and rehabilitation efforts appear to be successful.
  • Explain the pros and cons of indeterminate sentencing and its appropriateness for different types of juvenile offenders.
  • Describe the impact of indeterminate sentencing on recidivism.
  • Discuss the effectiveness of diversion programs for juvenile offenders. Use data to support your conclusions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of restorative justice efforts. Do they reduce recidivism? Do they provide victims with greater satisfaction than traditional punishments? Illustrate your evaluation with examples and data.

Question 2

After reading PDF: What Works: Healing the Healthcare Staffing Shortage what is your reaction on the projected shortages? How will this impact the triangle of health care?

APA Format

Use original work

1 page

Use reference

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