Organizations and Customers

Question 1

Research the topic of Corporate Restructuring.

  • What is corporate restructuring?
  • Why would corporate restructuring be necessary if a firm has been properly managed?
  • How can restructuring help with strategy execution?
  • Give examples of restructuring from your own work experience and/or from your readings?
  • What worked and/or did not work well in the restructuring?
  • What were the impacts of the restructuring on the organization and its customers?

Question 2

Write a two-page paper that explains budgeting and the role of budgeting in a corporate environment. APA format. Must use academic/scholarly/credible sources. Minimum 3 sources. Title page. citations and references.

Question 3

Write a two-page paper that explains financial accounting and the role of financial accounting in a corporate environment. Use academic journals and resources. APA format. Include citations and references.

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