Organizational Success

Using only the topics from this week, find a recent management news story that you found interesting. Share a link and provide an overview in your own words. State why you believe this current event is worth your classmates’ time to read it! Close with at least one counterpoint: something that you disagree with or could have been presented better.
Valid sources:
• Trade publications: Journals, White Papers, Web Posts, etc. from official organizations only.
• Business publications: Bloomberg Businessweek, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Inc., Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, Wired, Entrepreneur, Consumer Reports, etc.
• General Media: Trusted networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, BBC, etc.

    DO NOT consider social media or blogs as your primary source.

In your replies, critique the original author’s value statement (“why it’s worth your classmates’ time to read it”) — is it a compelling argument? How could he/she sell their case better? Also critique their counterpoint. Was it insightful and well presented?

Leading an Organization to Success
• Chapter 13 – Leadership
• Chapter 14 – Work Motivation for Performance
• Chapter 15 – Managing Teams
• Chapter 17.7 (only) – Management by Objectives: A Planning and Control Technique
• Chapter 17.8 (only) – The Control- and Involvement-Oriented Approaches to Planning and Controlling

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