I am providing the full assignment instructions below. Assignment must be completed using OPTION 2, which is highlighted. It includes an annotated bibliography for the 3 sources selected. The types of sources which should be used are listed below; use one of the attached textbooks as one of the first sources; the rest are at your discretion but must follow the requirements below.

  1. First, pick from the following options (Options 1 – 3) for your final project proposal. Please do not “cut & paste” the entire description of that Option in your proposal, but briefly indicate which option you chose.
  2. Next, based on your option:
    • Provide a brief background of the company you wish to evaluate or a brief description of how you will address the topics (2-4 sentences).
    • Identify the specific Learning Organization/Training and Development concept or concepts that you plan to apply or explore in your final project (2-4 sentences).
    • Then, write an annotated bibliography with 3 entries that will further support your proposal. For the final project, it is expected that you will use materials from the course and texts to support your paper beyond the three annotated bibliography entries listed in the proposal. However, for the proposal we only need three annotated bibliography entries. Out of the three required entries, two entries should be academic sources (textbooks we used, or peer-reviewed journal articles), and one should be a popular source (news articles, for example). These sources must be published within the last ten years.
    • For each annotated bibliography entry:
    • describe the book or article’s content (2-3 sentences)
    • demonstrate the book or article’s relevance to your research (2-3 sentences)
    • discuss the reliability or validity of the book or article’s content (2-3 sentences)
    • Summary: There should be a total of 3 annotated bibliography entries indicating the 3 resources you will use for your final project.
    • Your proposal should not be more than two pages long, not including the cover and reference pages.
    Please choose one of the following options, and indicate your choice in your proposal:
    Option 1
    Develop a plan for your organization or department to move toward becoming or enhancing it as a Learning Organization. Pick a company – this can be the company you work at, have worked at or perhaps a company that have demonstrated the opposite of being learning organizations (e.g. Lehman Brothers, Blockbuster, Pan American World Airways, Kodak, etc). More examples from U.S. News’ 10 Great Companies That Lost Their Edge (Newman, 2010). Evaluate the company you picked, in terms of the checklist of qualities and develop a plan for change to address the areas of needs. Describe their results, successes or failures in light of the readings (concepts, theories, etc.) from this course, and provide recommendations through the development of a plan that can help move this company toward becoming a Learning Organization.
    Option 2
    Propose a program to address a specific area related to a learning organization, such as helping the workers become competent in connecting to the knowledge and learning, and self-directed learners. This should include an explanation of what these connections are (e.g. mobile learning, cloud computing, free online courses such as MOOCs), and a description of what self-directed learning is, why it is important, and how it helps to support the development of a learning organization. Your program should also discuss the implications of diversity of adult learners (race, age, generations, learning styles and differences, motivation and barriers, etc.) as they relate to training and learning in the workplace.
    Option 3
    Advise the Management of the present and future trends that will influence how training is developed in an organization. What are some of the economic, social, political or technological factors that affect training today? Then, examine two future trends that you believe will influence training, and provide evidence of these impending trends (e.g. The Top Ford Future Trends 2018, 15 Trends that are Shaping the Future, 10 Trends in Training and Development, etc.). As the Management is more interested in performance improvement, what recommendations would you propose to them?

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