Oral Health Interventions

The two most important oral health interventions that have been introduced within Europe in the last fifty years are undoubtedly fluoride and possibly less important the use of fissure sealants. These interventions have improved the oral health of the Irish population. However like any health care resource such interventions come with a price. Irish government put out a tender for an organisation to deliver preventive programmes for the Irish population. It wants this to be a publicly funded prevention only programme to broadly both reduce dental disease and reduce inequalities (the latter specifically in children).
There are so many interventions you can choose from, including;
1. The community dissemination of toothpastes and toothbrushes
2. Toothbrushing programmes
3. Fluoride varnish programmes
4. Water fluoridation
5. Fissure sealants
6. Oral Health education
Each student is to write a 1900 word essay, using appropriate references comparing and contrasting each of the six interventions that can improve oral health. For each of the interventions discuss;
1. The evidence for each programme (in reducing dental disease and reducing inequalities)
2. The requirements for each programme (staff required, products required, transport etc)
3. The cost of each programme (if available)
If you had to choose just one of the six interventions what do you think is the most effective health prevention programme and what should your recommendation to the minster be?
Note there is no right or wrong answer to the above question. The important thing is you justify your answer with reference to the evidence, and cost for each part of the programme. Marks will be given for overall style, for appropriate referencing (please use Vancouver style), and for addressing the points in each intervention (evidence, requirements costs

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