Operation Research Management

The objective of the class project is to demonstrate your understanding, articulation, and integration of ten strategic operations management (OM) decisions. By the end to the class you will create an OM research report, that incorporates the concepts, models, tools, and techniques learned in class.

The objective  is to bring forward the top  recommendations that will increase your company’s productivity by 15%.

 A 25-page research paper covering the current and future state for each of the 10 OM decisions (see questions below), including a factor-weighing analysis, SWOT analysis, abstract, conclusion, and rational tying the top five recommendations to the 15 % productivity improvement (i.e., 5 pages per student)

Minimum Requirements

Identify the type of business (i.e., Restaurant, Banking, Clothing, Medical, Information Technology, etc.) and business sector (i.e., Services, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture, or Mining).  Include the vision statement, the mission statement, the objectives, strategy, and the goals of the company.  In addition, the presentation will include a SWOT analysis, a detailed project plan (with everyone’s tasks clearly identified, by name), and the methodology used to determine the top 5 recommendations (i.e., factor-rating method, Paretto, etc.). Clearly articulate these items as they will impact your strategic business decisions. Have fun with this. You may perform your literature research via the internet or by other more traditional means (i.e., library, peer review journal articles, books, etc.) You must use the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA sixth edition or later) format for your research paper format and citations. All research papers must have a summary of the conclusions and list of 10 recommendations, with the top 5 clearly delineated and the reason why you selected each.

5) Layout Strategy

What are your company’s capacity needs, personnel levels, technology, and inventory requirements to determine the efficient flow of materials, people, and information?

Current State of Layout Strategy

Future State of Layout Strategy (Recommendations)

6) Human Resources and Job Design

What consideration have you made regarding recruitment?

How will you motivate and retain personnel with talent and skills?

Current State of Human Resource and Job Design Strategy

Future State of Human Resource and Job Design Strategy (Recommendations)

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