Obesity and Exercise


Obesity and exercise. The centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that 19.8% of Americans over 15 years old are obese. The CDC conducts a survey on obesity and various behaviors. Here is a table on self-reported exercise classified by body mass index (BMI):

Screenshot from 2018-06-04 12-52-20

  1. Are these percentages column percentages, row percentages, or table percentages?

  2. Use graphical displays to show different percentages of physical activities for the three BMI groups (Use SPSS).

  3. Do these data prove that lack of exercise causes obesity? Explain.


The histogram shows the annual salaries for 20 selected Employees at a Local Company.

Screenshot from 2018-06-04 12-53-09

  1. From the histogram, would you expect the mean or median to be larger? Explain.

  2. Write down few sentences about the shape of the histogram

  3. Which of the summary statistics would you choose to summarize the center and spread in these data? Why?

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