New System Design

Deliverable 3

The New System Design document is a professional document of the menu structure/flow, user interface and report mockups of the new system, created with the help of Visual Paradigm.  Hand drawn mock-ups will not be accepted.  The purpose of this deliverable is to depict the navigation and interaction of the various system components and to provide a visual representation of what the system, with screens, reports, etc., would look like if implemented.  This is a paper prototype, meaning that the screens and reports do not need to actually work but the screens, report, etc must be available in native format.  Use the information in the current case study for this report. 

All deliverables in this course will follow the format as given in the Documentation Standards Document as provided on SLATE.  In addition, this report will include the sections listed below and as per the evaluation form given.

  • Submit ONE Word document to the assignment dropbox.  Do not zip the document.  Zipped documents will be treated as late documents and will be penalized 10% per day.  After 3 days late, the grade is zero.
  • The Visual Paradigm wireframes (screens, reports, menus, etc.) in one or more vpp files, must be submitted to the dropbox when the del 3 word document is submitted.  After 3 days late, the del 3 grade is a zero.

Please note that if cheating is discovered in a group assignment each member will be charged with a cheating offense regardless of their involvement in the offense.  Each member will receive the appropriate sanction based on their individual academic honesty history.


Re-state your proposed changes to the current system, taking into account the instructor comments from del 2.  Discuss the benefits of the new system.  Comment on all of the various aspects of the system requiring modification: software, hardware, procedural changes, data manipulation, etc.  State any constraints that may exist.

Menu Structure

Provide screen prints/screen mockups of the dashboard/menu structure for the new application/website.  Allow for the cascading of menus to show the navigation flow from one menu to another.  Ensure the structure is understandable.

Graphical User Interface screens/mock-ups

Include a prototype of each input screen that your new system requires.  Include sample data in each screen to allow for better visualization.  Sequence the screens to allow for a better understanding of the flow of the system.

Provide a narrative for each screen explaining its purpose and its use within the system.  The screen is paper based and does not need to work. Ensure the screens satisfy all of the requirements of the new system as per the case study.

Report mock-ups

Provide prototypes of the reports that the new system requires.  Describe the purpose and use of each report within the system.  Provide sample data in each report to show layout, totaling, and potential relevance to the system.  Ensure sure that your reports are relevant to the new system and accurately represent the new system.  Each report must provide valuable information which can be used to make relevant business/financial decisions.

Reports are NOT data dumps.  Reports are not a listing of all of the fields in a table dumped in columns across a page.  They require a thought process and MUST serve a specific business need!  For example a dump of ALL customer orders is of no value.  A listing of customer orders (by customer) that have not been paid, showing the number of days outstanding across 30-60 etc day categories with totals for each column are valuable in making business decisions.  Each report must provide valuable information which can be used to make relevant business/financial decisions. 

A report mock-up of ALL reports required by the new system is required, not just 3-4.  The case study has reporting needs in multiple areas as per the case study.  Ensure that report formats are useful to a real-world business.  Do not use bar graphs, pie charts, etc. for reports.  Professional reports require headings, columns, data, calculations, totals, etc.


What are your recommendations to your client?  Why?  Recommendations need to relate to the case study.

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