Net Profit Ratio

Question 1


Part I : i. Background, history and market position ii. Products and services iii. An external analysis (Micro and Macro) of the United Kingdom where the company operates.

Part II analyse your company’s financial performance in 2016 or 2017 and compare this against one of its direct competitors within the same industry. You must use any two ratios of the following: net profit ratio, gross profit ratio, and return on assets ratio.

Part III make managerial recommendations. In addition to drawing their recommendations based on Part I and Part II, students must also use strategic and operational recommendations (SWOT) on how to improve organisational culture and employees’ behaviour in light of the organisational and behavioural theories covered in this module and conclude how the company can succeed in an uncertain environment. Here students can use various theories of behaviour (i.e. classical theories) and organisational culture, either people’s aspects or operational aspects (i.e. TQM, Kaizen).


Question 2

Describe the existing needs for cost information in healthcare firms.
Describe how cost information relates to the three key activities of management: planning, budgeting, and control.
Describe the three main phases of the costing process.
Explain the two systems necessary to accurately cost healthcare encounters of care.
Describe the concept of relative value units (RVU).

Cleverly, W.O., Song, P.H., & Cleverly, J.O. (2011). Essentials of healthcare finance(7th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.ISBN: 9780763789299

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