Negative Stereotype

Question 1

After reviewing the article on the post-traumatic growth inventory, complete the Post-Traumatic Growth Assessment (under Resources) using a difficult experience from your own past as a reference.

  • Using your own assessment experience, comment on how this was helpful (or not) in reframing your narrative of the past difficult experience.
  • How do you think this assessment could be helpful in working with clients?
  • Do you see any potential risks?

* Note: you do not need to make reference to details of your own difficult or traumatic experience in your answer – the question is asking about your process of using the instrument only.

Question 2

PROMPT: Discuss a stigma or negative stereotype related to mental illness or substance abuse. Provide an example of how this stigma or stereotype might impact an individual experiencing one of these issues. How might this stigma, belief in this stereotype, or related consequences impact society? Which of the nine EPAS competencies do you think relates to social workers role in understanding and responding to this issue and why?

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