Negative Reports

Question 1

You are the CIO of a manufacturing firm. The CEO and CFO continue to express concern over the lack of integration among business processes within their functional business areas. They feel an ERP system coupled with Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship functionality is the answer.

Both executives have heard negative reports from fellow executives in other companies and from press reports of failed ERP implementations. To avoid duplicating the same situation in their organization, the CEO and CFO request that you submit a Proposed Approach for Implementing an ERP System report. Ultimately they want to determine if their company is ready for ERP.

Your deliverable should include the following content:

  • A proposed approach to evaluate ERP vendors and their software product’s fitness to meet your requirements. The requirements, at this stage, reflect which functional business processes your firm needs to implement.

This submission is the second requirement of the final deliverable for the Portfolio Project. Your deliverable should be 6 to 8 pages in length not including the required title and reference pages


Question 2

  1. In a two page report (12 pt font, double-spaced), research and discuss your findings regarding the role of motor carriers and advances made in the 21st century from an economic development point of view and the major issues motor carriers are facing today, that includes factors in safety, technology, LTL rates, financial stability, etc. Provide possible solutions. Substantiate your answer with examples and provide references.
  2. In contrast to the motor carrier industry, discuss how the cost structure of the railroad industry is different. In terms of pricing, competitiveness, and investment, discuss the impact these differences have for the railroad industry.

please reference our book

Transportation: A Global Supply Chain Perspective 8th Edition

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