Nature and Humanity

For this assignment,

is pretty much a synthesizing of the learning from classes, ask oneself a question about the “nature” and “humanity,” research and find out the answer. It is fine that at least it is still a unknown question. (2000 words, MLA, college level, original work)

Please Please Please, talk about your idea with me, I will give you my idea, TS, and notes about this paper right after you take this question, hope it can help you. ALSO!! please give me your half way work for me to check. It is important to me!!! Remember!

Before writing, here is my reading list and videos I have in this class in this semester:

The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway

Short stories of Ernest Hemingway

“Walking” – Henry David Thoreau

Woodsong – Gary Paulsen


“This is your brain on nature”-video

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