1. Below are 5 essay questions. You will choose THREE questions to write an essay of 500 words each. You must provide proper CITATIONS using an academic citation style such as MLA, New Times Roman, and 12 point fonts.


  • Describe the musical style of one of the composers we have studied so far, giving examples from music in their repertoire.
  • Describe the difference between the EARLY BAROQUE and the LATE BAROQUE, giving examples from works in Monteverdi’s ORFEO and Handel’s MESSIAH.
  • What is the relationship between MUSIC and the ENLIGHTENMENT in the CLASSICAL ERA? Give examples from works by Beethoven, Joseph Bologne, Mozart, and Bridgetower.
  • Describe the musical style of how POLYPHONY and HOMOPHONY are used by two composers on our listening list.
  • What is the significance of a PREMIERE of a musical work? How does the premiere of a work affect how it is received and appreciated by audiences? Give examples from the Textbook and our listening lists.

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